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Friday, 14 September 2007


Remember me? Thought I'd disappeared forever? Nah, just finishing things. Finishing Starfishing (which I'll need to finish again when the copy editor has finished writing questions on it) and finishing The Okinawa Dragon. Ha! You didn't even know I'd started that one, did you. A very short novella/long short story packaged as a book and published by a local publisher. I will get some information about this one up on my website soon soon.

But first I go to New York City. I've not been for four years and I can hardly believe it's been that long, but it really has. I'm looking forward to meeting my US publishers, and my Killing Jar scriptwriter and catching up with my good friend Bekah, and meeting her husband (she's meeting mine for the first time too!) And I can't wait to touch the ground in Manhattan again. I just love the place. Yay!

I may even have time to post blogs from there :)

Soon soon everybody.

N xxx

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