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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Today is six sentence Sunday, according to the interwebs. What this appears to mean is that writers are posting six sentences from their books to give people a taster. So here goes... From my debut, The Killing Jar, and slightly edited to make the most of the six sentence format... (ie I cheated a bit so the extract would feel more complete.)

"The council estates at Broxtowe and Aspley are laid out in ever decreasing circles. I am an authority on this cause I have floated above them, listening to them sing and vibrate.

I don’t know the technical details of what ecstasy does to your brain, cept the papers say it leaves holes when it’s done. What it does to me is this: I talk all posh, use long words I’ve picked up from books. And everything makes sense, life and death and fate and collective unconscious and all that shit. The whisper-thin layer between body and soul goes permeable for an instant; I slip through it, easy as water."

You can read a longer extract here. Or buy the book here, Kindle edition here and other ebook formats here