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Saturday, 24 November 2007

Possibly the last Killing Jar event?

One thing that has taken me by surprise about being a published writer is how much I've enjoyed the 'being on stage' bit. I didn't think I was a 'being on stage' kinda gell, but it just shows how wrong you can be.

Admittedly, the first couple of shots I had at it, the adrenaline was aflow; my heart still beats fast as I wait for an event to start and prepare myself for a reading. I wouldn't be natural if I didn't feel something at these times. But the shock is that I actually enjoy all of it. Turns out I'm a bit of a show off. This hasn't come as such a surprise to my friends and family - just me lol.

I was at Lowdham today, with crime gents (and prize winners) Chris Ewan and Allan Guthrie. I've read Chris's book, which was very entertaining and original, and I bought two of Allan's today and can't wait to get into them. He's one of the few people I've met along the way who are writing from the same point of view as me; the bad guys. I was into what he said about this, how the psychology of these people interested him more and how he was influenced by noir fiction and movies.

The last two events I've been at have been low key. Intimate, if you like, but it's all exposure and it all builds your profile, of that I am sure. My reading has improved immeasurably since my first time. I finally know how Kerrie's voice should sound out loud and I get into character. Which is a shame really; very soon it will be a different book I'm reading from. Frankie (my main character in Starfishing) has a very different voice, much more similar in tone to my own when I'm not trying to be Nottin-um.

I was struck a little by a strange kind of sadness today. The feeling that I'd been pimping around town with this book just about forever. The understanding that I was heading towards the end of that. I'm excited about the new novel, of course I am. A lot of writers compare putting out novels to giving birth, though I'm not sure it's quite that painful or important. Still, using that image, what's happening to me now is my kid leaving home. She's only two ffs!!! How will she look after hersen?

Time to focus on the new baby, next year, I guess. Or two of them. Or even three... We'll just have to wait and find out.

Nicola x


Hard Man said...

It was a real pleasure to meet you, Nicola. Long live transgressive fiction!

Niki M said...

Great to meet you too Allan. About to start on Two Way Split :)

Richard Pilgrim said...

Can't wait to see the second (and even third/fourth) offspring bounce into the world! 2008 will be quite a year!

R x