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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Word of Mouth 8th July

If you are around Nottingham on 8th July (that's tomorrow) and free for the evening, then come along to the event below. Lots of the coolest Nottingham writers, like me, of course lol, and a free glass of wine with your ticket. What more could you want? Hope to see you there...

Word of Mouth – Wed 8th July 2009, 7.15pm in The Len Maynard Suite, (upstairs) The Royal Centre, Nottingham.

Curated by Michael Eaton, Word of Mouth promises to be a very special event, with readers including: Jon McGregor, Nicola Monaghan, Mike Wilson, David Belbin and John Lucas, covering a variety of forms from Newspaper interviews (James Urquart’s Lobster Lunch with Kazuo Ishiguro) to Ann Featherstone’s extracts from the journals of a Nottinghamshire Edwardian Lad, besides poetry, short fiction and critique. Tickets from RCH Box Office: £4 NWS Members/£5 other includes glass of wine/soft drink.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, would love to meet you at this event but it's too far for me!! Thanks for commenting on my latest paranormal post. It will be another experience included in my current work in progress, a novel about the life of a medium.

Btw, if you know of any publishers who may be interested in a paranormal novel..... (sorry to be a cheeky cow!).

Best wishes, CJ xx

Niki M said...

Hi Crystal - thanks for commenting. Will keep my ears and eyes open. Cheeky is good. I reckon it's half the battle in this difficult business of writing and getting published. Good luck with the novel.